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5 Reasons to FEED Your Hair Cocovit Coconut Oil.

Oiling Does the Hair Good

With so many hair products available to us sometimes it can be a bit intimidating when trying to select not only a new product but the right product. Many products on the market claim to provide benefits…well, that is until you wash your hair and the product is washed out.  These products provide temporary gains such as a coating on your hair to make it shiny or an illusion of your hair being more voluminous. 

Today, we’re sharing the permanent benefits of using Cocovit Coconut Oil  for your hair. Cocovit Coconut Oil is one of the most effective products for one's hair as it helps to put an end to all kinds of hair nightmares like improper hair growth, scalp issues and even hair lose. Applying our oil at least once a week can provide these benefits below:

Penetrates, Thickens and Protects
Cocovit Coconut Oil is completely absorbed by the hair, filling up the hollow shafts, adding body and making hair thicker, whilst also protecting it from damage (by reducing fiber swelling).

Prevents Protein Loss and Boosts Shine
Hair loss is one of the common problems faced by both genders. Cocovit Coconut Oil helps hair retain proteins – normally lost through weak, damaged hair. It also strengthens the roots and seals in moisture, making hair stronger and silkier. And it gives your hair a natural shine, which in a way it resents you from using those harmful chemical hair care products.

Promotes Hair Growth
Cocovit Coconut Oil helps in strengthening the roots which helps create new stronger strands of hair.

Inhibits Dandruff and Hair Fall-Out
Cocovit Coconut Oil’s antibacterial properties protect the scalp against infections resulting in itching, dandruff and weak dry hair. They also protect hair follicles,strengthening hair – meaning less breakage and less hair falling out!

Promotes Hair and Scalp Health
Vitamins E and K found in Cocovit Coconut Oil nourish hair and boost health and shine. Massaging it into the scalp makes it easier for hair follicles to absorb nutrients,while stimulating blood circulation to the area, moisturizing and preventing build-up of dry skin (another cause of dandruff.

Oiling Does the Hair Good.