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Coconut Oil 101: Clarification on the Different Types of Coconut Oils.

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Yes Coconut Oil is trending, big time. However do you know how to pick the right one for your beauty and health regimen? And with all the different information on the packages what exactly do you look for and what does it all mean to you? Today, we’re breaking down the differences, helping you better understand what to look for and help you find the best fit for your needs.

Organic vs. Non-Organic
When selecting a coconut oil it is essential that you select one which is organic.  Certified organic coconut oil indicates that the coconuts used for the oil were grown without the use of pesticides, allowing your final product to have more purity.  The ideal product is also labeled USDA organic. You will find a number of brands that state they use coconuts that are grown in remote locations without pesticides however they have most likely not gone through the organic certification process.

Organic coconut oil also provides beauty and health benefits which non-organic oils can not. 

Refined vs. Unrefined
The basic difference between refined and unrefined coconut oils is that refined coconut oil has been processed unlike unrefined oils. Unfortunately the refining process usually  means using heat which ultimately breaks down and eliminates a good majority of the nutrients, enzymes and lauric acid from the final product. Since there is heat used in this process there is often a strong coconut scent in the final product as well. 

Unrefined  or “Raw” coconut oil is the best type to use for your beauty and health.  Raw coconut oil is made from fresh, raw, coconut meat. There are no added chemicals and no heat before, during or after the pressing and extraction process to refine the oil.  Cocovít Coconut Oil  is 100% raw.

Virgin vs. Extra Virgin
Unlike other oils such as olive oil, there is no such thing as ‘extra virgin’ coconut oil.

Various Extraction Process
There are a various extraction processes, below we share details on the 3 specific types –Cold Press, Expeller Press and The Cocovít Process.

•   Cold Pressed -- Cold-pressed coconut oil is the most commonly known oil on the market. It is made from coconut flakes which are dried with heat. And it has particles of the soluble constituents extracted from the dried coconut meat. The heat process depletes the caprilyc and lauric acids and reduces the antioxidant capacity of the oil. It has a stronger coconut smell and flavor. 

•   Expeller Pressed -- During the expeller-press process, dried coconut flakes are pressed to output a liquid that is 90% oil and 10% water. Heat is then used to extract the remaining water from the liquid. Similar to the cold-press method, the heat depletes the beneficial nutrients,  enzymes and anti-oxidants in the final product. The oil is medium texture.

•   The Cocovít Process -- 
The optimal extraction method is one which uses no heat, a proprietary process which we use at Cocovit. Cocovít Coconut Oil is made from freshly pressed coconut milk, chilled and separated by a proprietary tool. We do not use any heat or chemicals before, during or after the pressing process. Our coconuts are pressed within 24 hours of being picked assuring freshness.  Cocovit Coconut Oil is considered 100% raw and retains all of its living nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants and lauric acid to better nourish your hair and skin and overall better for your health.  Cocovít Coconut Oil is known for its anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial prosperities and has excellent natural anti-oxidant protection, which prevents free radical damage and stalls premature aging. Cocovít Coconut Oil has an extremely light coconut smell and flavor due to no heat being applied. 

While using the coconut oil you find at your local grocery store as a beauty product will not do you any harm, it won’t provide nearly as much benefit as Cocovít Coconut Oil. Cocovít Coconut Oil is the best option.