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Our Favorite Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Cocovit Holiday Gift Wrapping

1. Festive Wrapping with Holiday Gift Tags, Oh So Beautiful Paper // 2. Black Wrapping with Gold Painted Leaves, Pepermint // 3. Paper Cut Holiday Gift Tags, Lia Griffith // 4. Typographic Wrapping, ManMade // 5. Wax Paper Bow Wrapping, Whipperberry // 6. Christmas Chalkboard Packaging, Going Home to Roost


When it comes to the holidays we enjoy wrapping gifts for our family and friends just as much (if not more) than making the gift selections itself. However, we understand the holidays are often an extremely hectic time for most, so today we're sharing links (above) to our favorite gift wrapping ideas to make the entire process both fun and easy for you.

Happy Holiday!